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monotrilicht – interfacing with Hardware

This is monotrilicht, a single RGB LED driven by an Arduino Pro Mini. It may be seen as a prototype of tinoffifteen. The monotrilicht can change its hue, saturation and brightness with one potentiometer and one single push button.

I really love to see software and hardware interacting. It’s so much fun to see things suddenly move or light up because of code. Lovely! Arduino is a very nice electronics prototyping platform that let’s you easily get involved. This is actually not my first project but it’s one of those I like most.

All sensors on one image. The pushbutton switches through 6 modes, beginning with mode 1 on power up. The potentiometer is used to adjust settings like riding on the 360° on the color wheel or the speed of animation. Between the resistor on the right and the black push button you can see an LDR (light dependent resistor aka photo-resistor). Its value balances the brightness in some modes of operation. The modes are:

  1. adjust hue
  2. adjust saturation
  3. adjust brightness
  4. switch to saved color* that was set in the previous modes
  5. animation** with manual brightness
  6. animation** with manual speed

*fixed color with no reaction on potentiometer

**animation means riding the color wheel by itself, changing its color continuously

Paul V has written a nice function to convert hue, saturation & brightness to RGB values. This function was very helpful to me so I mention it here.

Canned in a tin:

You may see monotrilicht in action in this video(link).