tinoffifteen tin canned LEDs

tinoffifteen will house 15 RGB LEDs inside a small tin can. It’s work in progress and will not see the light of day before November this year. But I’m so exited about it. You can’t imagine : )

The LEDs will be driven by 2 multiplexers/demultiplexers (4067BE and 4052BE). The larger one has 16 input/outputs for enabling/disabling each LED (common anode) and the smaller one is a 2×4 of which I will only use one common input and handle 3 input/outputs (aggregating red green and blue lines for all LEDs). What you see dangling around in the pictures are the 15 future anode lines already attached to 4067BE.

The HMC 5843 triple axis magnetometer breakout by Sparkfun will hopefully serve as a sensor for changing hue, saturation and brightness. I say hopefully as the device is suffering from a known capacitor problem I have not tried to solve yet. If I can’t get it to work I will have to think about some alternative controlling mechanisms… so called creative work, I guess. Just as this whole thing isn’t about creativity  ; )

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