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vim: code folding


Use zM to fold all code.

Use zR to unfold all code.

Use zo to unfold at the current cursor position.

Use zc to fold at the current cursor position.

Setting fold levels

You can set the fold level directly by entering

:set foldlevel=1

Add this line to your .vimrc to have the same behaviour whenever vim starts.
set foldlevelstart=1


Monotrilicht Eclipse Project

Here comes the Eclipse Project of monotrilicht Android App as promised in an earlier post.

I have taken most of the code from the Android BluetoothChat example project and adapted it to my needs to connect and talk to monotrilicht via bluetooth. The modifications include a generalization of the BluetoothChatService to BluetoothService so you may reuse it in your own application. The Android Example has already been very well documented and I have followed their pattern so you should easily understand what is going on. Just by looking at it! This is my first Android App and I am open to any suggestions and remarks whatsoever.

Here is the zipped project file.

The Arduino .pde will follow. I have to do some more beautifying : )