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EDsync² available on the App Store

EDsync² is equipped with the same feature set as EDsync for iPhone except it will come without advertisement. Also, it represents the next version of the base application. This results in some benefits concerning usability. I have mentioned most of the changes to UI and features in recent posts. Here is a short list of recent changes.

– landscape mode (for search’s library selection view)
– buttons (search)
– table cells (list of loans, charges, favorites, search results)

– history for 15 recent search queries
– getting information about a search result nicely displayed in a table
– making online resources available in web view (open PDFs directly in the app)

Please note that the detail view for a search result may omit some information available in the ‘real’ catalogue. Most common fields such as shelf mark, title, author, publisher,… will be shown.

You may obtain EDsync² on the App Store

EDsync for iPhone version 1.3.1 released

EDsync for iPhone version 1.3.1 has been approved by the iTunes Store team.

If you have problems with a proxy, you should really update to this version. It also brings some bugfixes, so even if everything is doing fine on your device you may want to update.

The next version will bring additional features. I’ll let you know the details by then.

Schall & Rauch available on the App Store [update]

Schall & Rauch is now available to everyone on the App Store. The Institute for Music Studies of the department of Philology of the University of Hamburg has granted permit to access their databases. What a pleasure!

Schall & Rauch allows you to search in the 3 different music databases of the Schallarchiv, the institute’s library. You can find shelf marks and create local copies of search results as bookmarks. These are then available to you even if you don’t have access to the internet.

The app is free of ads and can be yours for €0.79. Have a look on the App Store:

[update] His highness has set the price to free just before christmas 2010.